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Syngenta Crop Protection is a global leader in the research and manufacturing of industry leading herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators for golf courses. Our extensive portfolio of plant-protection products, experienced territory and technical managers, and services such as the GreenCast® Web-based technology are all designed to help us partner with golf course superintendents everywhere to create outstanding course conditions.

Through the decades, our products have delivered value, quality and performance. In 2009, we introduced Heritage® G, a high performance granular fungicide that controls more than 21 diseases during a 28-day window. Its highly soluble carrier allows the active ingredient to quickly and thoroughly reach plant leaves, which virtually eliminates granule pickup into mower clippings baskets, product residue on shoes or golf balls and granule “wash away” during heavy rains.

Syngenta also manufactures market-leading products such as Primo MAXX® plant growth regulator, the revolutionary systemic herbicide Tenacity®, and the Turf Essentials™ line of combination fungicides — which is a unique agronomic philosophy toward disease management that delivers effective and efficient preventive disease control.

Golf courses also have the opportunity to earn points for Syngenta purchases through GreenPartners®, one of the industry’s most flexible rewards programs. The points golf courses earn automatically through the program can be redeemed for computers and other equipment, motivational awards for employees, and even GCSAA program fees and membership dues.

But Syngenta’s commitment to the golf course maintenance industry goes far deeper than our products and programs. Our long-standing association with the GCSAA helps us demonstrate our commitment to the professional development and education of tomorrow’s leaders, including sponsorship of the 2009 GCSAA Leadership Academy, the 2009 GIS Assistant Superintendent Career Path Session and Superintendent Certification Luncheon. This year we expanded our commitment to the GCSAA by reaching the $1 million Victory Club Level of the cumulative donor program of the Environmental Institute for Golf an organization that helps strengthen the compatibility of the game of golf with the natural environment.

Syngenta Golf Professional Products

We also support the golf industry in others ways, chiefly through our affiliation with the National Golf Course Owners Association and the work it does to foster greater understanding between golf course ownership and management, and superintendents.

The GCSAA is a strong organization and Syngenta is proud to be part of its growth. We hope the programs we stand behind give superintendents everywhere new ideas, fresh perspectives and a renewed dedication to their growth and development within the golf course maintenance industry.